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Treadless racing tires called are slicks.

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Q: What are treadless racing tires called?
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Why are bald tires dangerous?

Bald tires are not particularly dangerous when the road is dry. In fact, slicks (treadless tires) are used in racing because they provide greater contact with the dry road. The danger comes from hydroplaning on wet roads. Without tread grooves to channel water out from between the rubber and the road the tire has no traction and your car spins out of control.

What does slick mean?

Slick can mean smooth or glossy, such as a surface that is slippery. It can also refer to something that is clever or well-executed, like a slick marketing campaign.

Where can one look online to buy some good racing tires?

The Goodyear website would be a great place to buy good racing tires, as their tires are the official tires of NASCAR. Michelin and Bridgestone tires are also other possible alternatives to consider when buying decent racing tires. For custom tires, America's Tire would be a great company to search to buy racing tires.

What is a cheater stick?

A cheater slick was a tire that was a cross between a treadless (slick) soft rubber wide tire used in drag racing... and a standard street tire that had treads. Cheater slicks had token treads in them to get around the rules against using slicks and thus were "cheating." Cheater slicks were simply very close to all-out racing slicks with a token tread and sidewall that looked more like typical street tires, but were usually wider than street tires. These were popular in the 1960s.

Which gas is in racing car tires?


Do NASCAR teams get their racing tires for free?


Which gas do they put in racing tires?


What kind of tires are used in racing cars and why?

There are different types of tires depending on what kind of racing they're doing. But pretty much all racing tires tries to be grippier than regular tires. This usually means that they wear out faster, and create more road noise than regular tires, which no one really cares about if can win them the race.

What gas is pumped into the tires of a racing cars?


Which gas is pumped in to the tires of racing cars?


Why racing car's tires are wide and bald?

They are wide to gain maximum traction and bald because they are only used on dry tracks. In wet weather, racing tires with treads are used.

Are Grabber AT2 All Terrain Tires rated for extreme off road competion racing?

They are great tires for all terrain purposes or any sort of off road racing.