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Longest winning streak is 64 games starting in the 1966 season at Pittsfield High School, Pittsfield, IL

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Dalton High School, Dalton, GA 50 consecutive winning seasons 1959-2009 as of their win Thursday evening, Oct. 22, 2009

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Q: What are top ten winning streaks in high school football?
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What was Ansonia High School of Connecticut's longest football winning streak?

thirty three

Who is the winning-est high school football team in California?

Long Beach Poly

Who has the longest winning streak of all time in Wisconsin high school football?


What is the current longest winning streak in high school football?

Clairton bears at 47 wins

Who has the longest high school football winning streak in Arizona?

Blue Ridge High School won 63 games straight from 1994-98

Who has the longest winning streak of all time in Ohio high school football?

steubenville big red.

Who currently has the longest winning streak in high school football in North Carolina?


Longest all time high school football winning streak?

151 consecutive wins northern California high school, De La Salle

What is the mascot of Steinmetz High School in Chicago?

Silver Streaks

What is Woodstock High School Illinois 's motto?

The motto of Woodstock High School - Illinois - is 'Go Blue Streaks'.

What high school football team ended the winning streak of Missouri's Jefferson City High School?

Jefferson City's longest winning streak of 71 games, from 1958 to 1966 was ended by the Hickman High School Kewpies of Columbia, MO, Oct. 7, 1966, with a 20-6 final score.

Who has the longest winning streak in Massachusetts high school football?

vito cappizo from Nantucket is 3rd with 293 wins