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Most people think that the pro-athlete is the highest paid in the sports world, and they would be correct! Most pro-athletes average between 1.75 million to 5.2 million a year. But lets not forget that there is more to sports than just the athletes. The top 10 highest paying sports jobs are the sports medicine Doctor Who averages three-hundred and fifty thousand plus dollars a year. A sports manager usually earns two-hundred thousand dollars on average a year. Your sports agent is the next on the list at the average of eighty-eight thousand dollars a year. Sports communications manager then weighs in at a average of eighty-seven thousand dollars a year. With all the injuries that the pro-athletes acquire it is not a surprise that a sports physical therapist averages seventy-six thousand dollars a year. At the yearly average of seventy-two thousand dollars a year the sports statistician comes in at number seven. A sports psychologist is next on the list with the earnings of about sixty-nine thousand dollars. Your teams coaches only make on the average sixty-three thousand a year. And then last but not lest is the sports broadcaster who earns around thirty-six thousand dollars a year.

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Q: What are top 10 highest paying sport jobs?
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