What are three uses of a river?

Updated: 12/13/2022
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Q: What are three uses of a river?
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What are the modes of transportation in the Niger River?

The Niger River uses three-fourths of its total length for commercial shipping. Common modes of transportation are barges and fishing boats.

What are the uses for amamzon river?

the uses for the amazon river are as stated who knows dont care can you answer the question oh and is the amazon even a river :p x

What are the uses of the river volga?

they used the volga river to get to different places

What are at least three major uses of water?

Borders and boundaries,Agriculture (irrigation),power generationAdditional Information:Industry,animal habitat,Domestic,recreation.Many of these uses overlap or compete, as in the intense competition for Colorado River water.

Who uses the river Yangtze?

the chinese.

What are Social uses of the Nile river?

modern uses are for irrigation, traveling, and regular water uses

What are the 3 tributaries of the mississippi river?

The three tributaries of the MISSISSIPPI RIVER is Missouri RIVER,Ohio RIVER,Arkansas RIVER.

What is the three uses for energy?

the three uses of energy are voltage, amps, and resistanc

What are three uses for microscopes?

Three uses for microscopes are forensics, reasearch, and analysis.

What are the uses and advantages of river Nile?


What are 4 important uses of Bitain's rivers?

4 important uses of Britains river's

Three tributaries of the Mississippi river?

Due to its great length, there are many tributaries of the Mississippi River. Five of these tributaries are the St. Croix River, the Missouri River, the Ohio River, the Rock River, and the White River.