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1. he gets an r.b.i.

2. he makes it to first


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2012-02-22 00:51:34
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Q: What are three situations a bunt attempted is counted towards a hitters batting average?
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What will be the batting average of a cricketer if he played only 2 matches and scored 100 in each match and not out in both the matches.?

Not out innings are not counted in a batsman's average. Therefore, his batting average would be infinity.

How are walks figured into your batting average?

Walks are not counted in figuring out Batting Averages. It's basically like you didn't take an at- bat for walks.

If a player is hit by a pitch how is it counted?

The batter is awarded a plate appearance but not an at bat. The player's HBP (hit by pitch) stat is upped by 1. There is no change to the player's batting average.

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Is it a hit or fielders choice on a line drive to center field that falls short of the center fielder but the forced runner on second base falls down running to third and is thrown out as a result?

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