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There are many types of Basketball shorts. The three most common are Nike, Reebok, and Addidas. Other brands are available, as well (i.e. Spalding, Champion, etc.).

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Q: What are three common types of basketball shots?
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What are the different types of basketball shots?

The three types of basketball shots are: One-handed shot, hook shot, and the two-handed shot.

Name at least three types of shots in basketball?

Lay up, Dunk, or Jump shot.

What are the official types of shots involved in basketball?

The official types of shots involved in basketball are the mid-range shot, the layup, the three-pointer, the dunk, the alley-oop, the free-throw, and the half-court shot. Those are the official shots, but there are some other slang terms.

What types shots are there in basketball?

Hoops or Baskets. Go to some athletic games!

What are the types of basketball shot?

Free throws, three pointers, two pointers, alley-oops, reverse-layups, lay ups, Half court shots, full court shots, Fade-aways, Step-Backs, Bank-shots, Hook-shots , and if you think you are good enough you can shoot a Scalabrinity

What are three types of soccer shots?

toe punt, lefty, righty are types of soccer kicks

What are all the ice hockey shots?

the types of shots in hockey are slapshot,snapshot,wrist shot,one timers there are others but these are the most common shots used

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State the types of shots palyed in badminton?

They are four types of shots played in badminton. These are the drop shots, clear shots, drive shots, and smash shots. It takes time to learn of these shots and when to use them.

What are the three types of passes used in basketball?

Bounce, overhead, and regular

What are three types of sports?

football, american football and tennis + basketball

What are 3 different types of fouls in basketball?

There are three different types of fouls in basketball. They are as follows: personal foul, flagrant foul and technical foul.

What are the three basic types of shots in handball?

jump shoot, bounce shoot and overhead shoot :)

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How basketball relates to types of energy?

Basketball relates to types of energy in every way. Without energy you wouldn't be able to run up and down the court. Or jump to make those free shots. And so many other ways. :)

What are the three main types of defence in basketball?

Zone, man, and press/trap

Three types of shot in basketball?

Jump shot, layup, and [slam] dunk.

What are three different types of shots in basketball?

I'm not sure what you mean... You can get one poit for every foul shot you make, two poits for every shot you make that is inside of the three point line, and three points for every shot made beyon the three point line. I hope that answers your question!

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Fragments, comma splice, and run-on sentences are the three most common types of sentence errors.

What are the three main types of shooting in basketball?

Hook shot, jump shot and layup.

What are the three common types of landforms in Washington?

the pacific

Example of basketball solicitation paper?

There are many different types of basketball solicitation papers. The most common one used is in the form of a letter.