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Q: What are those headphones nfl players use with the letter B on the side of them?
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How can you get your headphones to tell if the sound is coming from right or left?

to put headphones on your ears is to put the left side of headphones is put headphones away from your ears

How do you make wireless headphones?

On the side of front of the laptop will be a plug and headphones will fit on the plug hole.

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How do you connect headphones to your computer?

Usually there is an area right on the side of the keypad or it is on the speakers it ca also be on the side of the monitor

What side of the headphones is for the right ear?

Determine with balance control if they look the same.

How many players were on a cricket side?

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Are there headphones that can have one side turned off?

Yes but it involves diy. Get scissors and guess.

What are some side effects of headphones?

Headphone use can impair hearing, cause pain, habit forming. Headphones carry lot of microorganisms, hence sharing between people is not advised.

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A Dongle, or headphones, or a memory stick, or a USB stick. Hope it helped!

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