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Update: As of the end of the 2008 clooege football season, The MICHIGAN WOLVERINES have the most I-A wins: 848. The top ten are...
  • 1. Michigan: 872-297-38

    2. Texas: 832-320-34

    3. Notre Dame: 831-285-42

    4. Nebraska: 827-337-41

    5. Ohio State: 808-306-53

    6. Penn State 801-349-43

    7. Alabama: 799-316-43

    8. Oklahoma: 788-300-53

    9. Tennessee: 776-327-55

    10. USC: 765-303-54

This is not the top ten winningest teams in I-A history; this is the top ten list of most wins. Winningest refers to winning percentage and for example Texas has one more win than ND and has 35 more losses giving them a worse winning percentage than ND yet ND is 3 and UT 2

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Q: What are the winningest teams in college football?
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