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American football, Baseball, Basketball, hockey, and NASCAR. The rank of popularity lower than football depends on the demographic, but american football is the most popular.

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Q: What are the very important sports in the US of America?
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What sports is very important to us?

Basketball, and football are the two main sports important to us

Why were sports important in the 1920s?

sports is important because it helps us stay fit and healthy

What is the oldest sports trophy in the US?

America's Cup

What percentage of people in the US plays sports?

62% of males play competitive sports in America. 48%of females play competitive sports in America.

Where does fishing rank in the sports in the US?

Very low

What is the goal of physical education?

Physical education help us to develop our mental awareness, skills in sports, and for us to be aware on how being physically fit is very important.

Why are sports traditions important in your country?

Ha! EASY! I live in America (North) and there are many different sports (basketball, soccer, etc). they are important because it gives us something to do instead of lying around on the couch ALL day. We also like watching them.

Why is muscular endurance important?

muscular endurance is very important for those people who love to play sports. it will help you daily lives tasks way more easier. it is also really important because it will help us do many and be able to play different sports. hope this answer you question if not i am very sorry I'm not an expert...

How many people in America play organized sports?

well, America is very big. i know because i live in Orlando, Florida ... in America and i was always tought that in a very big world there is alot of people who are living beings like us for example. back to your question there is alot of people who live in America and about 80% are all interested in playing sports all my friends an i do so to answer your question alot of people play sports in America.i hope you enjoyed my answer :)

How Humanities make us a better person?

First, sports can keep you healthy. Its very important to live a healthy lifestyle. Sports can also releive stress. How you ask? Well hockey for example, if you have ...

What sports were founded in America?

Baseball was founded in the US by Abner Doubleday in 1839

Why was Jefferson Davis so important?

Jefferson Davis was very important in US history. He was the President of the Confederate States of America during the time of the South's succession.

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