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Bloomington and Minneapolis (both in Minnesota) are the two farthest north latitude cities to ever host a World Series game.

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Q: What are the two farthest north latitude cities to ever host a world series game?
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Which state in the US is found farthest north latitude?

Alaska is farthest north.

What line of latitude is farthest north the tropic of Capricorn or the tropic of cancer?

The farthest-north latitude is 90 degrees north, located at the north pole. The farthest-south latitude is 90 degrees south, located at the south pole. Each of these locations is a single point, not a 'line'.

What is the latitude line furthest to the north called and what is the measurement?

The farthest north latitude is 90° North. It is a single point, called the 'north pole'.

Which hawaiian island is farthest north?

Kauai is the farthest north of the main Hawaiian islands. It is located at a latitude of about 22 degrees North.

What cities is farthest north?

Barrow, Alaska.

What town latitude farthest north in Nunvut Canada?

Alert at 02 degrees 30.05 North.

The regions farthest north and south on the Earth?

The regions farthest north and south on the Earth are called the polar regions. Both the north and south polar regions have an icy coating. The north is called the North Pole and the south is called Antarctica. Antarctica is also a continent.

Which state is the farthest north and what is its nothern most latitude?

Alaska is the northernmost state of the U. S. Its northernmost point is along 71° 23' north latitude.

Which state of the contiguous 48 states is farthest south?

Florida (24.45° north latitude)

Which is farthest north cork or waterford in Ireland?

Cork - barely - they are both on a similar latitude

Which cities farthest north Atlanta Phoenix or San Diego?


The point farthes north on the globe is what?

The North Pole is the point farthest north on the globe, located at a latitude of 90 degrees north.