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the National Football Confrince and the American Football Cofrince, also known as the NFC and AFC

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Q: What are the two different confrinces in the NFL?
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What former president was afferd contract two times from two different NFL teams?

Gerald Ford

Why are there two different set of rules for the blacks players in the NFL. Rothisburger vs Vick?

why are there two different set of rules in the NFL? when is concerns black players and non-black players example; Rothisburger vs. Vick.

Are there any ESPN NFL video games?

There are at least two different gaming systems that offer ESPN NFL video games. I have found ESPN NFL 2K5 for both the Xbox and PS2. I have also found ESPN Sunday Night NFL for the superNES and the Sega gaming systems.

Are there any players that have won national championships in two different sports?

Deon sanders NFL super bowl and MLB

When was the last time NFL had two by weeks in a season?

The NFL season had two bye weeks in the 1993 season.

How is NFL different from the NFL today?

Before NFL didn't have sixteen games.

Who is the only coach to win NFL championships with two different franchises?

Weeb Ewbank -- 1958/59 Baltimore Colts & 1968 NY Jets.

Are there two NFL teams in Illinois?

The only NFL team in Illinois is the Chicago Bears.

Where can one find NFL schedules for 2013?

NFL schedules for 2013 can be found from many different resources. The most reliable resource for NFL schedules is directly from the official NFL website.

Which two NFL teams were undeafeated last season?

No NFL teams went undefeated in 2009.

Why different series in NASCAR?

Same reason for different classes of NFL or MLB, different skills and needs.

When did the Mississippi won NFL Super Bowl?

The Mississippi not won NFL Superbowl, the Mississippi play on different league.