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Here are some of the relatively basic strategies our team uses: 1- Throwing multiple balls at the same time towards the same person; 1a-sub-strategies here include having one of your players fake the throw, so as the eliminate any opponents who will attempt to control the rebounds off the wall. 1b-we like to have our throwers as far away from each other as possible, in order to reduce the opponents peripheral vision. The downside to that, is that balls are less likely to come back to your side 1c-Timing is the crucial thing when throwing multiple balls. We don't like the "1,2,3", we instead tell each other before the throw that we are all throwing at the same time as "Jack" (for example). 1d-playing against that strategy, rebound control is crucial. Whichever two of our players are at the extremities of the gym, are responsible for coming around to block the balls from getting back to the opposing team. 2- Creating confusion; one of the toughest aspects of the game, is when you are facing multiple balls coming at you. Creating confusion to disrupt the other team's timing is key. 2a-if you have a ball in hand, either throw (or fake a throw) right at the moment the other team is about to throw their balls. You are bound to have at least one of them react defensively and not throw his/her ball (one less ball coming your way). 2b-if you do not have a ball in hand, keep your throwing hand behind your back, and repeat strategy 2a (even if you don't have a ball). You would be surprised at how the other team will react, even if they are holding all the balls, and should know that you don't have one. In this case, you are taking advantage of an instinctive reaction. 3- Positioning. One of the most effective strategies, especially against less-experienced teams, is what we call "rushing the line". If you are holding a ball, and you see that the other team is preparing to throw one or multiple balls, there is an opportunity for an easy kill. Look at their eyes, listen to who they target, and if you feel confident it won't be you, be ready. At the moment that he/she/they are in their throwing motion, start running. With good timing, you'll get to the center line before they've had a chance to retreat. OK, enough for now (got a dodgeball game in 45). More to come if you want some.

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get a tennis ball shooter and have tennis balls shot at you very rapidly. it will help you be very proficient in dodging.

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Q: What are the traning methods for dodgeball?
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