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Q: What are the traditions of basketball?
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What were the Aztecs' traditions?

The Aztecs' traditions were playing a game like basketball and doing sacrifices to their gods.

Where is basketball popular?

While basketball is popular throughout the United States, it's especially popular in Kentucky, Indiana and North Carolina. These three states in particular have rich basketball traditions. Basketball is also popular in the inner cities, where access to basketball courts is easier than access to large fields for football, soccer or lacrosse games.

How many players have been drafted first round by Duke basketball?

Duke University has one of the richest basketball traditions in the United States. To date, Duke has had 35 first round NBA draft picks. The first came in 1963 and the most recent came in 2014.

What is the plural possession of traditions?

The possessive form of the plural noun traditions is traditions'.Example: These traditions' origins are centuries old.

What are the traditions of the northeast?

there is oysters traditions and they have christmas

Does Barack Obama have traditions?

All of us have our own traditions, whether they are family or cultural or religious customs. Barack Obama is no exception. One political tradition we know about is that on election day, he and his friends play a game of basketball, which is partly relaxing after the stress of a campaign and partly for good luck. He also has a tradition of taking his family to Hawaii (where he was born and raised) for their Christmas vacation.

Why do Americans play the sports they play?

Americans love sports. Baseball is called the national game but football, ice hockey, and basketball are also very popular. Soccer is becoming more popular. Americans invented baseball and basketball. Basketball was created to have a game that could be played indoors. Americans love spectacles and television also made sports more popular.

What are all the traditions of the northeast?

there is oysters traditions and they have christmas

What are the middle colonies religious traditions?

Traditions. Take that.

What are some traditions the Cree's had?

traditions of the plains Cree

What are the traditions and values in the Philippines?

what is the traditions and values of philippines

What are some traditions in the western region?

what are the traditions in the west