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There are a lot of Skateboarding flip tricks. Some of them are as follows:
  • Kick Flip
  • Heel Flip
  • Varial Kick Flip
  • Varial Heel Flip
  • 360 Flip (Tre Flip)
  • Lazer Flip
  • Backside Flip
  • Frontside Flip
  • Hard Flip
  • Inward Heel Flip
  • Big Flip
  • Bigger Flip
  • Gazelle Flip
  • Fs Big Flip
  • Fs Big Heel

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why the hell did you say nollie flip? that ain't a trick. its a category. nollie flip is any flip trick done at the front of the board while you are in your normal stance. this could be a nollie kickflip, nollie heelflip, or even a nollie 720 flip. and other tricks are Godzilla railstance, Jesus flip, forward flip, fs laser flip, bs 360 flip, nightmare flip, bs 360 kicklfip, pressure flip, 360 pressure, and on and on and on... there are a lot though. but o well cuz you will learn them as you go. hoped all of this kind of helped.

Nollie flip is a trick, that's the way skaters say it now for nollie kickflip
Alright, so if you want to learn how to kickflip you first need to know how to ollie, and ollie well, when you can do that. You have your backfoot in the same place as an ollie and your front foot on 3 inches behind the bolts with your heel hanging off alot. Then you pop the board, and as your foot is sliding up you flick out, which causes the board to spin. Also, you don't have to slide your foot all the way to the end of the board, you can end at the bolts, that is how I landed my first one. Also, when I was first kickflipping, if you are really only trying to land it, then try not to flick your foot out as much, but flick it downward, if you know what I mean. Not out, but down. And don't forget to jump high and commit. When you see the grip, stomp your feet, bend your knees, and roll away, or you could look it up on YouTube. Another good place to look it up on is ehow.

Well some of u forgot the tree kickflip and things like that
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This question is probrably impossible to answer. It varies from skater to skater. For street skating. Every flip trick is either made from a shove-it, a kickflip or a heelflip. (Varial flips, made from a flip and one pop shove it, Tre, laser flips are made from a flip and a 360 shove-it). The complexity of tricks doesn't even stop here, then you have variations, nollie, switch and fakie, not to mention spins and backside/frontside directions. This q is so hard to answer because you might ask one skater, whats the hardest trick? They might answer 'a tre flip', if you ask another, they may say a hardflip (no pun intended). In my opinion, it is not so much the trick that you do, it is how you do it, for example one of the sickest tricks I've ever seen is Cory Duffel's ollie over a 2 set. The most simple trick in the book, but done amazingly. So a top ten tricks list wont help you or anyone, just skate and get your tricks, theres no point in judging your own skating, or anyone elses.


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Q: What are the top ten skateboarding tricks?
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The Kickflip is the hardest of the basic skateboarding tricks, and one of the most popular skateboarding tricks to learn. Learning to kickflip first, before learning other skateboarding flip tricks, will help you in the long run.

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Its not about what tricks you can do. As long as your winning comps and sh*t your well on your way to becoming sponsored

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skateboarding isn't played, it is done. Once you get good you can enter a competition, where you are judged by how clean you skate and how complicated or dangerous your tricks are.

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