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Cowboys, Bears, Packers, Giants, Colts, Jets, Patriots, Saints, Eagles & Steelers.

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Q: What are the top ten revenue producing teams in the NFL?
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How many teams play in the big ten conference in the NFL?

0, there is no Big Ten conference in the NFL

For which teams did Robert Jones play in his NFL career?

Robert Jones played for ten teams during his NFL professional football career. The ten teams he played for were the: Dallas Cowboys, Saint Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins, Washington Redskins, Houston Texans, and the Green Bay Packers.

What ten teams where the first ones to play in the nfl?

The first ten teams to play in the NFL were the Chicago Cardinals, the Chicago Bears, the Green Bay Packers, The Philadelphia Eagles, New York Giants, and Detroit Lions. The Washington Redskins were originally called the Braves. The Steelers and Rams round out the first teams. In 1950, the 49ers, Browns, and Colts all joined, bringing the total to 12 NFL teams.

What are 10 east coast NFL teams?

Ten east coast teams are the Ravens, Steelers, Falcons, Panthers, Bills, Jets, Giants, Eagles, Patriots, and the Washington Redskins.

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How many teams ard in the Big Ten in college football?

There are ten football teams in the Big Ten, which is why it's called the Big Ten.

How many Big Ten players are in the NFL?


What is Alabama's football record against Big Ten teams?

They are 5-3 against Big Ten teams.

What NFL teams are playing on thanksgiving day 2008?

TEN @ DET, 12:30 PM (CBS), SEA @ DAL, 4:15 PM (FOX), and ARI @ PHI, 8:15 PM (NFL NETWORK)

How many football teams play in the big ten conference?

There are more than 10 teams in the Big Ten conference For 2014 there is either 14 or 16 teams

What are the top ten NFL teams with most Super Bowl rings?

Steelers, 49ners, Cowboys, Green bay, new England, Raiders, Giants, redskins, colts, broncos.

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