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mongoose, eastern, we the people, gt, mirraco, dk,fit,kink,haro redline,freeagent

No this kid is wrong Mongoose and eastern are no good dk has been not making as many models and freeagent is a brand most people forget its really olfredline make horrible completes and gts are heavy A'f

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1 we the people

2 gt

3 mongoose

4 diamondback

5 mirra

you have one of them right wethepeople

but top 5 would have to be







So how do you qualify best? By price, bang for your buck or kewl factor?

I say:

1. WTP

2. Eastern

3. Premium/Haro

4. Fit

5. GT

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There's hundreds of different kinds of bmx bikes there's Eastern bikes, Fit bikes,free agent bikes, diamondback bikes, even some bmxers use pro mongoose bikes.

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-redline -dk -haro -gt -hoffman -S and M

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Q: What are the top ten pro bmx bike brands?
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What is a good bmx bike for ten yearolds?

Go onto and become a member its free plus you get a monthly catalog and it gives you great discounts. Look for a nice 18" bike i recomend a DK or something of that sort.

What type of bmx is the United Recruit RN1 2010 BMX Bike?

It's a BMX racing bike for beginners. What we would call a "Junior" size (pre-teen). It's a strange mix of entry level and high end. For example, it has a hi-ten steel frame, plastic pedals and unsealed hubs, yet it has a sealed bottom bracket and a Cro-Mo three piece crank. It's a small bike as it has only a 19 3/4" top tube and an "upside down" style handlebar stem.

Names of ten brands associated with billionaires?

names of ten brands associated with billionairs

How do you correct the sentence ''he ride a yellow bike that gots ten speed?

he ride a yellow bike that hasten speed

What is Hi-Ten Steel?

This is steel, the high-tensile kind to be exact. Hi-ten steel is pretty light, and decently durable. However, other materials are lighter and/or more durable. The only real advantage of hi-ten steel is that it's the cheapest. If you take a look at the bikes of BMX bike manufacturers, you'll see that their lower-end bikes are made out of steel. This is fine for most people, but if you actually do any EXTREME stuff with your bike, it's not built for performance.

What are the top ten bmx bike companies?

(in no particular order) gt we the people oddesy eastern redline kink mirraco fit dk colony stolen(it is a brand) fbm volume subrosa united mongoose haro

How heavy is a ten speed bike?


How much did a bicycle cost in 1975?

It really depends on the bike. My Cooks Brothers Racing BMX was right around 750.00 and I built it in 1977. But, at the same time you could go to Sears or Wards and buy a cheap ten speed for under 50 dollars. There were very expensive road bikes available in bike shops too, just like now.

What materials make a bmx bike?

Usually the frame is made and fork is made out of a steel alloyn either Cr-Mo or Hi-Ten. Rims, stem, seat post and other small parts are usually aluminium. Tires, grips are rubber. The saddles is a mix of several materials.

Is doing stunts on bike a sin?

Answer:No. Sin is the transgression of the law (I John 3:4)... that is, the Ten Commandments.None of the Ten read, "Thou shalt do no stunts on a bike."

What are some of the biggest brands in accessories and equipment for the game of soccer?

There are many different brands for soccer, there is a website for the top ten brands for soccer. The top ten brands are the following: Adidas, Nike, Puma, Umbro, Diadora, Lotto, Under Armour, Spalding, Kappa, Kwik Goal.

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0.2 hours