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Highest-scoring NFL games 113 points - Washington 72, New York Giants 41 - 11/27/66 106 points - Cincinnati 58, Cleveland 48 - 11/28/04 101 points - Oakland 52, Houston 49 - 12/22/63 99 points

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Q: What are the top ten highest scoring nfl games?
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1st Highest scoring game- Washington Redskins 72 New York Giants 41 (113 Combined Points) the game was on November 27, 1966. 2nd highest scoring game- Cincinnatti Bengals 58 Cleveland Browns 48 (106 Combined Points). The game was on November 28, 2004. 7th Highest scoring game- Chicago Cardinals 63 New York Giants 35 (98 Combined Points). The game was on October 17, 1948 8th highest scoring game- Cleveland Browns 51 Cincinatti Bengals 45 (96 Combined Points). The game was on September 16, 2007

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