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big hairy balls

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Q: What are the top ten highest NFL jersey of all time?
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What is the highest selling NFL jersey of all time?

i don't think, many other jersey are salable , like Joe Montana , jerry rice , and recently Tim tebow, Favre's jersey is one of the highest selling , but not the highest.

What is the number 1 player jersey sold in the NFL?

Right now, Dallas Cowboys QB Tony Romo is the highest selling jersey, not only the number one selling jersey in the NFL but of all major sports.

What is the highest selling sports jersey of all time?

Bobby Orr

What NFL team has the highest win percentage of all time?


What are the top 10 highest selling NFL jerseys of all time?


Best selling nfl jersey of all time?

Troy Polamalu of the Pittsburgh Steelers

Can you buy any NFL jersey of all NFL players?


What is the top selling NFL jersey of all time?

Joe flacco ,,,,,,, he plays for Baltimore Ravens>!

Highest scoring NFL game of all time?

Giants and redskins 72-41

Who are the highest scoring players in NFL history?

As of the start of the 2007 season, the highest scoring players in NFL history were placekickers. Morten Andersen was the NFL's all time leading scorer with 2,445 points. Placekicker Gary Anderson was second all time witn 2,434 points and George Blanda was third with 2,002 points.

Which NFL quarterback has had the highest jersey nunber and what was it?

The highest number a quarterback can wear in the NFL is 19, which was worn by Johnny Unitas, who played for the Baltimore Colts.-----The highest jersey number that I can remember was #60 worn by Otto Graham of the Cleveland Browns of the All-American Football Conference. John Hadl of the Chargers and Rams wore #21 during his career in the 60s and 70s. But since the merger in 1970, the highest number a quarterback on the roster can wear is 19.

What is the most sold NFL jersey of all time?

Brett Favre's #4 Green Bay Packers jersey. Favre has generally led the league in jersey sales the last couple of seasons, in large part because he has switched teams. But his Green Bay jersey has, to date, sold more than any other NFL jersey.

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