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(in no particular order)


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stolen(it is a brand)







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BMX is a generic name for a certain type of bikes, there are plenty of companies that make them.

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14y ago bikes 2.apollo 3. Montana 4.

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Q: What are the top ten bmx bike companies?
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What is haro bikes?

ANSWER: I believe that Haro is the best BMX complete bikes for the money. I love my Haro BMX race bike.

How light is the Sunday top shelf ian bmx bike?

15.6 pounds

Top bmx companies?

ANIMAL is my FAVORITE bike brand its also a great bike brand. i have every animal part on my bike and i have all their clothing, videos, etc. 1. WTP 2. Hoffman 3. 2 Hip 4. Fit 5. Mirraco 6. Kink i would have to say felt i love my felt bmx oh and oddesy

Top 20 bmx bike in the world?

well it all depends on what type of BMX you do. For me i do park and vert. And i use a fit bike. But for flat land the best type would me strowler. But like i said these so many diff rent forms of BMX.

Is the Haro Pro XL Plus a good BMX racing bike?

Yes, the Haro Pro XL is a very good BMX racing bike. It's not top of the line, but it's far from entry level.

What are the top BMX companies?

Dk, Redline, PK Ripper, Diamond back, Haro

Good size bmx bike for you?

BMX bikes pretty much all have 20"wheels, which makes all frames very similar in size. On top of that BMX is almost entirely ridden standing up, so bike size doesn't matter as much as it does for road riding for instance.

What is KHS?

khs is a bike brand that sells bmx and top class mtb,DH bikes,and dirt jumpers

What type of bmx is the United Recruit RN1 2010 BMX Bike?

It's a BMX racing bike for beginners. What we would call a "Junior" size (pre-teen). It's a strange mix of entry level and high end. For example, it has a hi-ten steel frame, plastic pedals and unsealed hubs, yet it has a sealed bottom bracket and a Cro-Mo three piece crank. It's a small bike as it has only a 19 3/4" top tube and an "upside down" style handlebar stem.

What BMX bike does Nicole Kidman ride in BMX Bandits?

well that movie was shot back in 1983 mongoose was one of the top bmx bikes of the time so my best guess would have to be a1983 mongoose supergoose by the way the bike looked in the movie or it was a mongoose motomag they both looked practically alike hope this helped

What are the top ten electronics companies of the world?


Who are todays top bicycle companies?

GT make good BMX's based in California and Hedya are amazing road bikes