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by shahid khan afridi

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Q: What are the top six longest six in cricket history?
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What are the top ten longest six in cricket history?

Shahid Afridi Chris Gayle Yuvraj Singh Shahid Afridi Kumar Sangakara Inzamam ul haq Sachin Tendulker

In You People's Opinion Who are the top ten greatest all-rounders in the history of cricket?

1. Sanath Jayasooriya

What are the top five longest six in cricket history?

1. 158 metres Shahid Afridi vs South africa2. 147 metres Chris Gayle vs South africa3. 143 metres Shane Watson vs Bangladesh4. 139 metres Shahid Afridi vs New Zealand5. 136 metres JP Duminy vs Scotland

What are the top ten longest bridges in the world?

According to Wikipedia, six of the longest bridges are located in China, and three in the US, in the state of Louisiana. Read more, below.

What were the top 5 longest rushing plays in Philadelphia Eagles history?

Brian westbrook had about a 80 yard run

Does Pakistan have one of the top cricket teams?

Yes Pakistan is a one of the top cricket team.

Does Kenya play cricket?

AnswerYes, it does. Kenya is an Associate Member of the International Cricket Council. Indeed, it is currently ranked among the top six Associate teams in the World Cricket League, giving it One Day International and Twenty20 International status.

Who is on top one in ODI cricket Rankings?

Hashim Amla is on top one in ODI cricket rankings.

What is the top college win streak in college history?

the longest win streak in Division 1 College Football history is: Oklahoma - 47 wins - 1953-1957.

What is the top 5 fastest ball in history of cricket?

Shohib akter B. lee Shourn Tait M. Aamir M. Sami

What is on top of a cricket stump?


Top international cricket batsmen?

The top international cricket batsmen is brian Lara because he scored 400 not out against England

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