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Football Basketball Handball Volleyball Bullfighting

Bullfighting is NOT a sport, it is considered an art.

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Q: What are the top five sports in Spain?
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Name five countries where basketball is among the top three sports in that country?

Spain, Lithuania, USA, Serbia, Greece.

What are the top five watched sports in the world?


How many people play baseball in Spain?

In Spain baseball is not perfered sport. Sports like Soccer, basketball and rugby are top sports. Approximately 23.

What are the top five sports played in America?

The top 5 sports played in America are: Football, baseball, soccer, volleyball, and hockey.

What are the top 3 sports in Spain?

1. Soccer 2. Futsal 3. Basketball

What is the top five sports to play?

cricket NFL AFL NBA netball

What is the top 5 sports in Canada?

The citizens of Canada play several games. The top five sports are ice hockey, lacrosse, football, curling, and soccer.

What is the top five most athletic sports?

Football, basketball, soccer, hockey, and baseball.

Top five most watched sports?

football,baseball,tennis, car racing, and wrestling

What are the top five sports in brazil?

first is soccer then volleyball then basketball thenmartial arts then tennis.

What are the five countries on top list of animal abuse?

The top five countries known for animal abuse include Japan, Australia, China, Spain, and Egypt. The United States is not among the top ten countries.

What percentage of people participating in sport participate in minority sports?

The top five sports played in clubs by boys aged 5 to 17 are:17% Soccer16% Rugby union14% Swimming8% Cricket8% HockeyThe top five sports played in clubs by girls aged 5 to 17 are:17% Swimming13% Netball10% Horse riding8% Tennis6% SoccerThe top five sports played by men are:26% Golf15% Cricket14% Tennis14% Touch football*11% Rugby union* Less physical form of rugbyThe top five sports played by women are:11% Netball10% Tennis9% Golf7% Touch football7% Skiing

What are Spain's favorite sports?

Spain's favorite sport is football and many other sports. Spain is welcomed to many sport fans

What are some traditional sports of Spain?

Bull fighting and football (soccer) are a couple of Spain's traditional sports.

What sport accounted for five of the top ten highest grossing sports movies through 1994?


What is the top five most watched college sports in the us?

football, basketball,lacrosse, baseball. hockey

What are the top five richest sports board?

Manchester UnitedReal MadridDallas CowboysWashington RedskinsLos Angeles Lakers

What are the top five most popular sports in North America?

Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Hockey

Is tourada a sports?

Yes tourada is a sports. It is a famous sports played in Spain.

Spain's favorite sports?

The favorite sport in Spain is soccer.

What sports have Spain won?

Spain has won tennis and soccer.

How much is spent on sports and recreation in Spain?

about 100,000,000,000 in Spain

What sports are played in Spain?

Soccer, tennis, golf, skiing, and hang gliding are the most popular sports in Spain.

What are the top ten sports in Spain?

soccer , futsal , baseball , basketball , Ithink bull fighting is one but im not sure lol

What sports do they have in Santiago Spain?