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notre dame, syracuse, North Carolina, duke, and any of the ivy league schools

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Q: What are the top colleges with lacrosse teams?
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How many colleges have lacrosse teams?

i think mostly all of them do

What universities have lacrosse teams?

There are a lot of universities with lacrosse. you can even find a list of division I-III colleges with lacrosse online...just look in a search engine Improved answer: Over 400 Colleges have lacrosse.

What colleges play lacrosse?

A lot. Mst of the main schools/best teams that play lacrosse are from the ACC and Big East.

Who are some of the top travel Lacrosse teams in Massachusetts?

3d lacrosse new england

Who are some of the top travel Lacrosse teams in Ohio?

the liberty iriqouis

Do many woman and girls play lacrosse?

Yes alot of girls play lacrosse. I know that many club teams are acually becoming a sport for colleges over mens lacrosse.

Do national lacrosse league teams play major league lacrosse teams?

No National Lacrosse league is indoors and major league lacrosse is outdoors

Who are some of the top travel Lacrosse teams in Virginia?

Elite Finish Hard. Best in virginia.

What are New Jerseys select lacrosse teams?

Steps lacrosse

Who are some of the top travel Lacrosse teams on Long Island?

Teams like Igloo of 4th grade, Turf Island are among the celebrated teams. These are the teams in Long Island that are considered champs.

What are the top 10 lacrosse colleges in the US?

Not sure about top 10 but a few are Syracuse, Duke, Maryland, Johns Hopkins, Virginia and Notre Dame.

What are colleges in Florida that have lacrosse?

Many colleges in Florida have club teams, FSU, UF, and USF. The first NCAA division one school is Jacksonville University who will be playing there first season in the fall of 2010.

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