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One of the best NCAA Division 1 AA schools would be UCLA, though it is very expensive.

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Q: What are the top NCAA division 1 AA academic schools?
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What are the top division one schools in the Midwest Academic or Athletic?

University of Missouri

What is division II sports?

That is the division below division I. Division one is where the top schools play while division two is for schools who don't attract many athletes or are a small school.

Do NCAA Division One schools attend the EHK in Chicago?

There have been some in the past. There are mostly scouts from the USHL & NAHL. From what I hear from friends that have went there have been some top WCHA CCHA & HE schools in attendance.

What are the top 100 schools with the most NCAA championships?

Last year UCLA was the first to reach 100 NCAA chanpionships.

Who are the top ten NCAA division 1 passing yardage leaders?

Tim tebow

Which team won an NCAA football championship but was not ranked in the top ten on defense?

Just a guess.....BYU in 1984. * but it is not an "NCAA" championship in Division 1a. The NCAA calls them a "national poll champion".

Best div2 school?

i was wondering if anyone knew what the top ncaa div.2 school was in terms of academic ranking

What are the top 3 schools in ncaa touranment total wins?

Kentucky, UCLA, North Carolina

Who are the top ten all time leading scorer's in NCAA division one basketball?

Pete Maravich

Who is the top NCAA Crew Program?

Princeton and Washington are very good. The NCAA Division I Rowing page is a good source, click on the link below for more information.

Which Top 3 schools with most NCAA basketball wins?

University of Kentucky, North Carolina, and Kanss.

Who are the top 10 teams in winning percentage in ncaa division 1 basketball in the 1990's?

#1 kansas

What is the only NCAA division 1 football team that has beaten four top ten ranked teams this year?


What are the top 5 most winningest basketball team in the NCAA mens division?

uk ucla duke kansas nc

What is the total Division 1 enrollment?

Division 1 is the top division of athletics in college. There are a number of schools that participate at this level with a total enrollment of approximately 2 million people.

What is the list of active top coaches with the most NCAA division 1 basketball wins?

See the following post:

What are the top five schools in the United Kingdom?

It depends on what you mean by 'top'. The most famous ones are probably Eton, Harrow, Westminster, Rugby and Marlborough. If you mean top by academic success, I would have to research it.

Is easternhigh schoolof New Jersey rank in top five?

No there are no New Jersey schools in the top 5. There is one that is number 29, and that's McNair Academic in Jersey City.

What is the top ncaa men's basketball team in division 2?

NCAA division 2 men's basketball has a long history dating back to 1957. The 2014 champion was Central Missouri. The last rankings had Metro State ranked number 1. Kentucky Wesleyan has won the title 5 different times.

Who are the all-time top 10 division 1 schools in terms of draft picks?

#1: University of Miami

Top ten NCAA Division 1A team has the most bowl wins in college football?

Alabama they have played in 52 bowl games and won 29!

Who are the three top winning coaches for women's NCAA division one basketball?

C. Vivian Stringer Geno should be on there in the near future

What is the top us college for lacrosse?

The obvious answer would be the school's team who is able to win the NCAA Division I championship on any given year, in 2009 that team would be Syracuse University. There were only 59 NCAA Div. I schools in 2009, 34 Div. II schools, 156 Div III schools and the MCLA had 104 Div I schools and 105 Div II schools. So the question is highly multifaceted. Is the question referring to the quality of education in combination with a successful program, the quality of the lacrosse program year in year out, or are recent successes more important? Does it refer to only to NCAA Division I men's lacrosse, or does it refer to the combination of the men's and women's programs at all levels? Can the MCLA schools that have shown a great deal of success and growth be included in the conversation? What about the success of smaller Division II and Division III schools? One source to assist you in answering the question would be What is debateable, is the "top US college for lacrosse". What is not debateble is the consistent long term lacrosse success and academic excellence of these Men's Division I schools placed in no particular order: Pinceton University US Naval Academy Johns Hopkins University University of Virginia Other Schools with great lacrosse success with lesser, yet still stellar academic reputations: Syracuse University Duke University University of Maryland University of North Carolina UMBC The newer and up and coming powers: Cornell University (2009 NCAA Div I Runner up) Notre Dame University Brown University Bucknell University University of Denver Georgetown University Ohio State University Hobart University UMass Colgate University several other programs can be considered too.

What are some of the top accounting schools in which someone can enroll in the USA?

According to 'US News', they rate the top accounting schools in the USA as follows: Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Stanford University. Scores are based on academic reputation, employer reputation, and citations per paper.

Which university holds the most NCAA titles in all sports combined?

Three Pac-10 schools are at the top of the list: UCLA with 103, Stanford with 95, and USC with 87.

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