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1. Glascow Rangers (53), 2. Real Madrid (31), 3. New York Yankees (27), 4. Montreal Canadiens (23), 5. Manchester United (21)

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Q: What are the top 5 sports franchises with the most championships in sports history?
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What owner has won the most championships in sports?

The New York Yankees have the most championships in any sports history. They have a total of 26 championships and have appeared in the championship 39 times.

Should the lakers and Celtics be called the two most successful franchises in the nba?

Celtics have won 17 championships, and Lakers 16 - the two teams with the most championships. So yes, in many ways they are the most successful franchises in the NBA.

What state has won the most sport championships?

The New York Yankees won the most World Series in the history of sports! The New York Yankees won the most World Series in the history of sports!

Who has won the most pro sports championships?

Probably the New York Yankees, with the most World Series games won in history.

Who is the greastest person in sports history?

Michael Jordan. Most championships, best player ever. No questions asked.

What is similar about the celtics and lakers?

They are the two most storied franchises in the NBA with 33 combined championships.

Most popular sports franchises worldwide?

The Greeen Bay Packers.

What teams have won the most games and the second most games in the history of sports?

In Pro sports in the United States, the New York Yankees (26) have won the most World Championships, followed by the Montreal Canadians (24).

What is the most NBA Championships an NBA team has won in a row?

The Boston Celtics' streak of 8 consecutive NBA championships is the longest streak of consecutive championships in U.S. professional sports history

What college sports league has the most championships?


What college has the most championships in all sports?


What player has won the most championships in sports?

Bill Russell