What are the top 20 hooligan films?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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1. Green Feet

2. Your Mother

3. In

4. My

5. Bed

6. I

7. Made

8. Her

9. Lick

10. Willy

11. She

12. Sucked

13. It

14. All

15. Day

16. Long

17. She

18. Was

19. Very

20. Naughty

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2.The Football Factory


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3.The Rise & Fall of a White Collar Hooligan


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4.Green Street Hooligans


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5.Rise of the Footsoldier


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6.The Firm


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7.The Firm


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10.The Real Football Factories


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Q: What are the top 20 hooligan films?
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What are the top 10 football hooligan films?

To be honest there arent many hooligan films out there worth watching so choosing 10 is hard. i rated them out of 10 : I.D. 6/10 Football Factory 8/10 The Rise Of A Footsoldier 8/10 Green Street 10/10 The Firm 6/10 Cass 8/10 Green Street 2 4/10 Cass 7/10 the Firm 2009(remake) 7/10 Awaydays 7/10 The other hooligan dvds are documentaries or shorts.

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