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They are called dimples.

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Q: What are the tiny craters on a golf ball called?
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Why does a golf ball have dimples on its surface?

Golf balls have the tiny little craters in it so that it would not become a smooth object and roll past a TEE marker. If the ball was round with no craters on it and you were to swing with a nine iron or something of this capatable and you were aiming say for the 18th par and you most likely would never be able to get close enough to the goal for fear of rollover and or rollby moves. Craters thus enhance the movement of the ball to land and not move and reduce the movement away from desire target.

Which is harder a cricket leather ball or a golf ball?

A golf ball because when you use the cricket ball a lot it starts getting worn away and the seam come of. You can even squeeze it a tiny bit.

What is the size of 13 millimeters compared to a golf ball?

The standard diameter of a golf ball is supposed to be not less than 42.67 millimeters. So 13 millimeters is a tiny bit less than 1/3 of the way through a golf ball.

When hitting a golf ball it sparked Is this possible?

The golf ball didn't spark, but it is very possible that you did see a spark. This happens when tiny tiny stones and even pieces of sand come in contact with the bottom of the club when you are hitting the ball. This will only have happened on clubs made from titanium such as drivers and some fairway woods.

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There isn't a "average" size because they all come in different sizes, but some sizes are tiny, golf ball, tennis ball, and baseball ball. They can get bigger as they molt. The average size people think of is a golf ball~tennis ball.

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What is the general distance a 6 hybrid golf club should hit a golf ball?

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No -- both are types of algae. Volvox is a colony that resembles a golf ball while Euglena is solitary and tiny. Both do have tiny whips (flagella).

Why is there a flagpole on some golf holes?

So if it is far away, you can see where you need to hit the ball instead of looking for a tiny hole.

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Moon rocks are unique in that they have tiny craters, and even tinier craters within those tiny craters. And within those tiny craters within the tiny craters are even tinier craters. This is due to micrometers which do not reach the earth's surface. It's also a result of large meteors splattering small pieces of moon regolith as secondary meteors. None of this is possible on earth. The similarity between moon rocks and earth rocks is that they are basically feldspars and basalt, the same thing that makes up the earth's crust.

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tiny ball of capillaries in cortex of the kidney

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Moon rocks are unique in that they have tiny craters

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