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Q: What are the three second rule in handball?
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What is the travel rule in handball?


Is the three second rule in effect during a throw in?

There is a five second rule for a throw in.

What is a three person handball game called?

Cut throat handball

What are three main sports in Romania?

What are the three main skills utilized in team handball

When was the three second rule introduced?

In 1936.

What are 2 rules of football?

NO holding. your lucky my bf is in football

Should FIFA amend the handball rule following the controversial handball incident in the 2010 World Cup?

Yes it is time to amend, as they were robbed of a win because of Luis Suarez handball.

What does the three second rule mean in driving?

You should keep at least a three second distance to the car ahead.

What is the three-second rule in subway?

You have to acknowledge a customer within three seconds of them entering the store.

What is the 3-second rule?

The 3 second rule refers to dropping a piece of food on the floor and if you pick it up within three seconds, it is still safe to eat.

What is one rule of soccer?

well there is not just one rule in football [soccer]. There is alot of rules like no rudnes,no punching and more. But there's are very important rule and that is NO HANDBALL

What are the three rules of a polygon?

the first rule of a polygon is that it must have straight lines to devolope its sides. the second rule of a polygon is that it must be enclosed with no openings. the last rule of a polygon is that it has to have at least three sides.