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soccer and Rugby

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Q: What are the three popular sports played in the british isles?
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Any sports team that represents the British Isles?

There is no single team that represents the British Isles in any sport.

What elements of british culture are found around the world?

the goverment, people, and popular culture of the British Isles have a influenced people all around the world.

What does the word 'tis mean?

a contraction of -it is- popular in the British Isles, and in Shakesespere's era

Where is the smallest island in the world?

the british isles . the british isles .

Is there a leader of the British Isles?

No, there is no single leader of the British Isles. What is called the British Isles has a number of countries and they each have their own leaders. The British Isles is a geographical reference, not a political one.

How many airports are there in British isles?

there are 58 airports in the british isles

Wettest place in the british isles?

Wettest place in british isles

Who were the people who settled in the British isles?

The Franks settled in the British isles

Popular sports in Europe?

Soccer. That's about it. But it depends on what part of Europe. Hockey is pretty big in Scandinavia; you have a lot of Rugby in the British Isles. I would name soccer as the outright winner for sports in Europe (and pretty well everywhere else in the world).

Is Romania one of the British Isles?

No. Romania is a long way from the British Isles. It is in easter n Europe and the British Isles are in western Europe.

What are the four British isles?

There are no four British Isles. There are four countries that form the British Isles, They are England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

What is the smallest country in the British isles?

Ireland is the smallest country in the British Isles.

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