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Pachuca 1901, Guadalajara 1906, and atlas/america 1916

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Q: What are the three oldest soccer teams in Mexico that participed in the first divicion nowadays?
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What is the oldest building in Mexico?

Cuicuilco is thought to be the oldest city in Mexico. The pyramid in the city is thought to be the oldest building in Mexico.

Where is Benito Juarez buried?

His rests lie on the Juarez Mausoleum, on the San Fernando Cementery, Mexico City. It is one of the oldest cemeteries in Mexico (founded in 1832) and nowadays contains the rests of many distinguished people from the 19th century.

What is the one city in Mexico city is the largest and oldest to the Americas?

It is not the oldest in the Americas, but is the largest. Its name is Mexico City.

Oldest capital city in the Americas?

The oldest city in the Americas is Mexico City.

What state has the oldest capital?

New Mexico

Where is the oldest library in North America?


What is the oldest US capital?

Mexico City, Mexico, founded 1325 a.d.

What is the oldest capital city in the America's?

Mexico City, Mexico, founded 1325 a.d.

What is the Age of oldest person in Mexico?

Leandra Becerra is the oldest person in Mexico, with an age of 124 years, born on August 31st, 1887 in Salitrillo, on the northern state of Tamaulipas.

What is the oldest town north of the Texas and Mexico border?


What is the oldest capitol in the US?

Settled by the Spanish in 1609, Santa Fe, New Mexico is the oldest capitol in the U.S.

What city has the largest population in latin america?

The oldest settlement found in Latin America would be the Puerto Hormiga archaeological site, located in Colombia and dated circa 4,000 BC. The oldest, continuously inhabited settlement would be Cholula, in central Mexico. Founded in 200 BC, it has been an important religious center for more than 2200 years. Nowadays, it is becoming an important commercial farming hub and tourist spot.