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The three most important considerations for refugee families who decide to stay in Canada and live in a resettlement site are save your money for food, water, shelter, warmth ect. Secondly is become a Canadian citizen example learn the language. Lastly Canada has provided a good model of helping people in distress around the world.

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Q: What are the three most important considerations for refugee families to stay in Canada?
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Where are the nakba refugee camp living?

They live in Canada

Do a refugee travel document in Ireland need visa to Canada?

do a refugee travel document of Canada need visa for Germany

Can a refugee student in Canada apply for Canadian citizenship?

A refugee claimant cannot. A convention refugee , once he/she is a permanent resident and hes calculated that they meet the residencyt requirment, then yes.

Do a refugee travel document of USA need visa for Canada?


Do a German refugee passport holder need visa to visit Canada?

It depends on what country they originally are from. You need to check with Immigration Canada and see if the country of origin is on the Visa required list.

Long title of the immigration and refugee protection act?

An Act respecting immigration to Canada and the granting of refugee protection to persons who are displaced, persecuted or in danger

Refugee in Canada can he marry a US citizen?

There are no restrictions on whom a refugee may marry. A refugee can definitely marry a US citizen, and they would also be able to attain permanent US residency through the marriage.

Can a refugee in Canada let his Mexican wife to be legal in Canada like getting work visa or something like that for now i still refugee?

please i would like to get an answer about this, im in the same position. my husband is refugee in Canada and im Mexican, actually i came back to Mexico and Canada changed the rules about Mexican visitors. im so desesperate, i hope that somebody can help us, im afraid to don't see my husband soon.

What are the 3 classes of immigrants allowed to settle in Canada?

I believe its Family, Independent, and Refugee.

How many families in Canada can afford food?

2 in 4 families in Canada can afford food. This is called Poverty

Do a refugee travel document of Belgium need a visa to Canada?

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Why is it not fair that refugees are accepted into Canada faster than independent Immigrants?

It is not fair that refugees are accepted into Canada faster than independent immigrants who desire to be in the country. The independent immigrant may be a more skilled worker or business immigrant, and may fit requirements of the immigration point system better than the refugee. If not a serious worker, the refugee may become a burden on the countries economy. Making the independent immigrant more deserving. The refugee can also take advantage of the countries taxing and work system and become reliant on the government. Because the government must support the refugee, he or she may not become a strong member of society. The refugee can also be lying about the direct threat to his or her life. He or She may take advantage of the political situation in their home country and enter Canada under false refugee claims. Although the threat to the refugee may be existing, many more deserving independent immigrants are waiting to be accepted into the Canada.