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Q: What are the three facts about Aztec played basketball called ollamalitzli?
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What was a popular Aztec game that was a cross between volleyball basketball and soccer?


What were the Aztec rulers called?

The Aztec rulers were known as the Mexica

What was the name of the ancient Aztec capital?

The Aztec capital was called Tenochtitlan.

What are the games played in Aztec?


What sports did early Americans play?

Aztecs played a sport called Tachli that was a little like basketball and soccer. It had differences, for example, their "basketball hoop" was a vertically hung stone ring. Their "basketball" was a heavy solid rubber ball. Aztecs believed Tachtli was the sport their gods played with the stars in the stadium of the heavens. Tachtli was replicated on earth in honor of the gods. The winning team was allowed to take any possession from the spectators. The people of the audience would quickly escape before their clothes were taken away. Worse than being in the audience, was being on the losing team. They were sacrificed. Aztec sports, like Tachtli, were made to honor and imitate Aztec gods.

Why are the Aztec people called the Aztec people?

they came from a place call artesian land.. so they were name Aztec people

What are Aztec schooling?

There were two main Aztec schools. One for the nobles called the Calmecac, and one for the commoners called Telpochcalli.

What do the Aztec people do for fun?

The Aztec people played games in their spare time but the work alot

What was an Aztec family groups called?

they are called calpolli.

What were aztec clans called?

Aztec clans were different tribes of the Aztec community. The clan names varied and were determined by the family names.

What was the Aztec leader called?


What did the Aztec Indians do for fun?

played games