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East, West, Central

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Q: What are the three divisions of the American and National Leagues?
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How many teams are in the National League?

There are 16 teams in the National League and 14 in the American League. Both leagues are divided into three divisions. The National League has five teams each in the East and West Divisions and six teams in the Central Division. The American League has five teams each in the East and Central Divisions and four teams in the West Division. It seems to make more sense to move one of the National League team, probably Milwaukee that was in the American League, back to the AL and even up the leagues with 15 teams in each league and five teams in each division.

List three major divisions of American psychological association?

list three major divisions of American psychological association?

When did the national league split into 3 divisions?

The first season of three divisions was 1995.

What are the divisions in major league baseball?

Major league baseball consists of six divisions, three in both the American and National leagues.A.L. (East, Central and West)N.L. (East, Central and West)

When did Three Leagues end?

Three Leagues ended in 1798.

When was Three Leagues created?

Three Leagues was created in 1524.

Is Sega American?

Sega is a Japanese company, and has three international divisions in America, Australia, and the UK.

Who are the teams in the American League-Baseball?

The American League is divided into three divisions. East, Central and West.EastNew YorkTampa BayBostonTorontoBaltimoreCentralMinnesotaChicagoKansas CityDetroitClevelandWestSeattleOaklandTexasLos Angeles

How many grand divisions are there in Tennessee?

There are three "Grand Divisions" in Tennessee. The Tennessee constitution legally recognizes the Grand Divisions. The three prominent stars on the Tennessee flag represent the three Grand Divisions in Tennessee.

What are the three main divisions in Christianity?

Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant are the three main divisions of Christianity.

What is an example sentence with the word leagues?

One upon a time, there were three baseball leagues.

How much is three leagues in miles?

3 leagues (statute) = 7.8 nautical miles. (international)

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