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-Obviously, a volleyball.

-Gym shoes are needed for indoor volleyball, and no shoes are needed for beach volleyball. Socks are a must if you are wearing gym shoes.

-Knee Pads are not required for indoor volleyball, but they really do help a lot.

-Hair up in a ponytail with a headband (If allowed).


-A Uniform, if needed/required

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Q: What are the things you need in volleyball?
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What are the biggest things you need to learn to be good at volleyball?

The biggest things you need to learn to be good in volleyball is: Bumping, Setting, Spiking, Serving, and good sportsmanship.

What do the volleyball coaches need to know about volleyball?

Volleyball coaches need to be able to know a lot.You need to know ALL of the different hits that are illegal and legal hits to do in an actual volleyball game.You need to know different formations in volleyball. Especially important for high school coaches to be able to identify different plays and formations.You need to be able to know how to do practice drills and how to get the practice drills incorporated with the actual volleyball skill.Those are the most important things a coach need to know. There are many more things out there though.

What things are used in volleyball?

A net, and a volleyball

What do you need in the game volleyball?

You need : Knee pads Spanex Shorts Volleyball Socks Volleyball Shoes A Volleyball Water - All of this can Be found at

What are bad things and bad things about volleyball?


What experience do you need to play volleyball?

Actually, many kids start off playing volleyball with no experience what so ever. My answer to this would be you don't need experience to play, but you definitely need an open mind about things and be willing to try anything.

Do you need a bag for volleyball?


What do you need for volleyball?

A volleyball and a net. :D Don't forget kneepads!

What equimpment is used to play volleyball 2 or 3 things?

Volleyball Net Volleyball Court For clothes: Knee Pads Sometimes special volleyball shorts If you are on a team, volleyball jerseys

What equipment do you need to use in volleyball?

you need knee pads,volleyball,mouthgaurd,and sneakers and a addidas bag

What do you need for youth girls volleyball?

You need a jersey supplied by the team, A volleyball (mabey) You need the correct shoes (for indoor) You need a team

What are the materials for volleyball?

All you need to play volleyball is a net, a court, a volleyball, 6 amazing volleyball players.! you cant go wrong with that!

School things that start with V?

· volleyball

What is volleyball equipment?

Volleyball equipment is mostly a volleyball and net. If you play on a school team you would probably need knee pads and volleyball shoes.

What is smash in volleyball?

It is the worst thing you could do in volleyball... never perform this! or things will go down.

What are 2 things players are not allowed to do in a serve in volleyball?

One of the things volleyball players aren't allowed to do is step on or past the serving line.

Does volleyball need to be capitalized?


How many points must your team need to win a volleyball game?

To Win A Volleyball Match You Need 25 Points.

Do you have to have a libero in volleyball?

No you do not need a libero in volleyball. During the 2012 club volleyball season teams will be allowed to have up to two liberos.

What things that have to do with volleyball that start with the letter z?


How do you be good in volleyball?

well you need to be tall, if not then you need to be well coordinated, because when you hit a volleyball you want to hit it directly in the middle

What present do you need teamwork in volleyball?


What are the equipment of the game volleyball?

Knee pads are a very good investment for indoor volleyball if you are playing competively...other more obvious things are a volleyball net and ball.

How many points do you need to win a game of volleyball?

It's 2, I play volleyball, I should know.

Basic skills in volleyball?

bump, set, spike, and serving are the basic skills you would need to have for Volleyball.