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Shock absorbers

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Q: What are the things you clip onto tennis rackets called?
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How do you set up the game table tennis?

get a table to play on< an average table or a proper table tennis table clip the net in place get a ball two bats and play!! it is that simple

How do you take out clip on Nerf recon cs-6?

There are orange things on the side of the gun, just above the clip. Pull it, and take out the clip.

When you clip or shave or clip a section of the horses main right behind its ears then what is that called?

It is called a bridle path.

What are a few synonyms for carabiner?

It can also be called a D- Clip or pear shaped clip.

What are the things you can do with MS PowerPoint?

clip arts

What is it called when you clip your horse right before its ears?

Do you mean after the ears? then it is called the bridle path. you would clip it as long as the horse's ears.

What can one do on the website Clip on Watch?

There is no website called Clip on Watch. Clip on watches refer to watches that affix by clip to a person's clothing, bags, bracelets or necklaces and similar items.

What is it called when you add clip art to a document?

just got to picture and got to clip art

What is a bit of film called?


When you clip or shave off a section of the horses mane right behind its ears what is it called?

Ear Clip.

What is the index system that stores clip art photographs and movies called?

C. Clip Art Index

Why is a paper clip called a gym clip?

b/c Mr. Clyde said it is. from back in the day.

Who is the inventor of the paper clip?

The original paper clip was invented by Samuel Fay in 1867. It was called a Ticket Fastener. The modern paper clip was designed in 1899 by William D. Middlebrook. He sold his patent to Cushman and Denison and they called it GEM.

What is it called when you clip off a part of a horses mane close to the ears?

If you clip off part of a horse's mane behind the poll it's called a ''Bridle Path''

What a is brief movie clip called?

It is called either a trailer or a teaser.

What is the button that releases the clip on a handgun called?

Magazine, not clip. Hence, the button you refer to is known as the magazine release.

What is the fiber glass front cap called that holds the grill and lights called?

It is called the front clip. The entire front assembly from the firewall forward is the front clip The nose with the grill and headlights is called the header panel.

When you clip or shave the section behind the horses ear is called what?

Its called the bridlepath

Are there any monthly things you should do with your rabbit?

you should clip their toenails

Where can you see a video clip on how parrots see things?

Go to youtube

Do you get money for entering in a clip to 'Animals do the funniest things'?

no only if you win

What is the commercial for a hair clip that says no more painful claw hair clips?

Its called the Twist N' Clip. You can find it at

Is graphic image called clip art?


What is the stand you clip on your wind instrument called?

A lyre.

When you clip or shave of a section of mane behind the horses ear this is called?

When you clip or shave the section of mane behind the horses ear, it is called the bridle path. It is on riding level 2.