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  • Out - When a runner or batter is out for one of many reasons.
  • Safe - When a runner or batter is safe for one of many reasons.
  • Base, Bag, Plate - All terms that refer to the 4 white corners of the softball diamond. 'Plate' specifically references home.
  • Fly ball - When a batter hits the ball high in the air.
  • Line Drive - When a batter hits the ball in a seemingly straight line.
  • Grounder - When the batter hits the ball and it bounces on the ground before reaching a defensive player.
  • Short-hop - When a batted ball bounces very close to a defensive player.
  • Long-hop - When a batted ball bounces well before it reaches the defensive player.
  • Turn 2 - When the defensive wants to try to turn a double play with 2st and second base.
  • Cut - When a ball is hit to the outfield, a member of the infield lines themselves up with the intended base and yells cut so that the outfielder knows where to throw the ball.
  • Obstruction - When a fielder blocks a bag or gets in the way of a base-runner without possession of the ball. Or when a runner runs into a defensie player making a play on the ball.
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Q: What are the terms used in the softball game?
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