What are the terms used in football?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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There are many terms used in American football. Some include kickoff, punt, pass attempt, sidelines, pass, fumble, false start, and end zone.

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Q: What are the terms used in football?
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What terms are used in football?

Some terms used in football are field goal, end zone, blitz, and cornerback. Other terms include quarterback, touchdown, down, flag, and extra point.

What are the terms often used in the game of American football?

Many terms are used in American football. These terms include a down, a period of uninterrupted play, a field goal, a goal obtained from a kick, and a kickoff, the kick that begins a play.

Football that starts with a f?

football player? football terms? football team ??

What are some football terms that begin with the letter w?

Wishbone, waivers, wildcat formation, west coast offense and walk-on are football terms.

What equipment is used in football?

The equipment used in football is a football

Which sport is most in terms of attendance in US?


What are the basic terms of football?

Americans, Indians etc.

What does FB mean in football terms?

Full back

What football terms start with the letter o?

Football terms that start with the letter o:off-tackle runoffensive teamofficialsoffsideone back formationonside kickoption offenseout of boundsoutside linebackerovertime

What does bubble mean in football terms?

short pass to the flats

What does went into the break mean in terms of football?

Went into the half.

When was the white football was first used for official games?

2003 but it is only used in arena football and used to be used in canadien football