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First of all, only 10?????? Well, ok.

1.) You must serve behind the in-line

2.)If the ball touches the antenna it is considered out

3.)If you are in back row, you can't jump and hit the ball over the net in front of the 10 ft. line

4.) A front row blocker cannot purposefully move to block a player from seeing the server (also known as screening)

5.)In club volleyball, you cannot touch the top of the net of go into the net if it interferes with the play.

6.)Again in club volleyball, you whole foot cannot be over the middle line

7.) You can't catch the volleyball or "throw" the volleyball or "lift" it

8.)One person cannot touch the the ball two times or more in a row

9.)One team cannot play the ball more than four times before it goes over the net

10.)Back to serving - You can only have one re-toss if you make a bad one. If you want to make a re-toss, you cannot touch the ball and it must touch the ground.

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  • the ball may be hit with any part of the body(hand,head,chest,and the foot as well).
  • the ball must not to touch in floor whether u play wrong or right need to be very carefull with it.
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Q: What are the ten rules in playing volleyball?
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