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Q: What are the ten oldest bowl games by dates?
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How many bowl games has university of Washington won?


In it's history has Cincinnati appeard in how many bowl games?

Prior to the 2009 Orange Bowl, Cincinnati has played in ten previous bowl games to a record of 6-4.

How many bowl games has Michigan state university played in?

18 bowl games. Unfortunately when Michigan State was very good the Big Ten would not allow a team to go to a bowl game two years in a row. The total would be much higher. Actually wasnt that only true with respect to the Rose Bowl Game and not all Bowl games ????

What team has the worst bowl record who have played at least ten bowl games?

according to wikipedia, that would be New Mexico, at 0.300 win/loss percentage

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What is a triplicate in ten pin bowling?

A triplicate occurs when you bowl a three game series and the scores of all three games are identical.

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