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Along with stamps and coins, Baseball cards are among the most popular collectibles in the U.S. Old and rare cards draw high bids at auctions. A Honus Wagner card, for example, sold for more than $1 million. Here are the cards that have fetched the highest prices. # $2.35 million -- Honus Wagner 1909 T206 (Gretzky card) # $1.265 million -- Honus Wagner 1909-1911 # $325,000. -- Mickey Mantle 1951 # $275,000. -- Mickey Mantle 1952 # $270,000. -- Babe Ruth 1914 Baltimore Sun Newspaper rookie card # $203,000. -- Eddie Plank 1909-1911 # $178,598. -- Joe Doyle 1909-1911 SOURCE: PROFESSIONAL SPORTS AUTHENTICATOR

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Q: What are the ten most valuable baseball cards?
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