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Pittsburg Steelers

Miami Dolphins

Chicago Bears

Cincinnati Bengals

Minnesota Vikings

Baltimore Ravens

Indianapolis Colts Tennesse Titains
Green Bay Packers
Clevland Browns
New England Patriots
Denver Broncos
Arizona Cardinals
San Fransico 49rs
Philadalphia Eagles
Washington Redskins

Just becase im a gurl doesn't mean i dont know my teams

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There are many teams in the NCAA football league. Teams include the Nebraska Cornhuskers, the Illinois Fighting Illini, the Indiana Hoosiers, the Northwestern Wildcats, and the Penn State Nittany Lions.

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All division 1 FBS and FCS teams are in ncaa football 2010

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obviously the Florida Gators because they are ranked number 1 but I have played road to glory (ps2) and Alabama is the best in the 3 - 4 years you are there .

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Q: What are the teams in NCAA football 2010?
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