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raping the defender

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Q: What are the tactics used in football?
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What tactics can you use in football?

tactics for football

What tactics were used in the battle of agincourt?

No tactics

What is offensive and defensive tactics?

Offensive and defensive tactics will depend upon what a person is trying to do. For example, in football defensive tactics will defend themselves and offensive tactics will be trying to make a goal.

Is Possession Football which is notably used by Barcelona Arsenal and Spain a completely new tactics and if so which team first used it?

It was started by Holland, with Johan Cruyff.

What is the tactics that Coca-Cola used?

There are many tactics that are used by Coca Cola. These tactics include appealing to the human nature of their customers.

What are the best tactics for Football manager 2009?

put everyone upfront

What is tactics?

tactics is when you think about a plan to do something like in football or war. war tactics are about how many men will fight or how many tanks should roll up the beach of Normandy.

What are Tactics and strategy?

tactics are a use of good skills that you use in any type of sport to be able to win something e.g. a football match people use tactics to get past there oponents

Who used blitzkrieg and against whom?

Germany used blitzkrieg tactics, which are fast, surprise attacks also known as lightning tactics. Germany used these tactics on Poland in the Lightning War.

Why do football teeams use tactics?

Because if they didn't they wouldn't have any idea what there doing.

What are 5 tactics use in American football gridiron?

Work,lift,study ,and have fun

Why is it good to have intelligence in football?

So you can read the game and have good tactics. to win the game

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