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Well, speed is the street name of a type of drug, do you mean what other street names mean speed?

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Q: What are the street names of speed?
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Street names for amphetamines?

Crank. Meth. Speed. Crystal.

Street names for crystal meth?

Some crystal meth street names are: speed ice Teena or Tina Adam X

What are the street names for ecstasy?

molly, speed, x, roll, e

What are some street names that begin with the letter K?

Kemper and Kennedy are street names. King and Kingston are street names.Kansas and Keller are street names. Kellwood and Kelsey are street names.

What is the street names for stimulants?

Speed, crank, uppers, bennies, Xtasy, X, and I'm sure there are many others.

What are other names for ecstasy?

rooster on a whireEcstasy is itself the most common street name for MDMA, which is an abbreviation of methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Other street names are 'E', 'XTC', 'X', hug, love drug, Adam, clarity, beans & lover's speed.

Is speed a depressant or a stimulant?

Speed is one of the street names for a group of drugs known as 'amphetamines'. It is a stimulant, and generally gives the user increased energy, lack of appetite, and insomina.

What street names begin with Q?

Street names that begin with the letter Q:QuailQuakerQuarterhorseQuayleQuebecQueenQueenstonQuickQuietQuincyQuinn

Street beginning with x?

Xavier, Xena and Xenops are street names. Xenia, Xeric and Xander are street names.

What is a street that starts with E?

Eagle, Elm and Eunice are street names. Exchange, Estes and Ellison are street names.

What street names begin with the letter o?

Street names that begin with the letter O:OakOakdaleOakleyOatOceanOgdenOhioOliverOntarioOrchardOregonOverbrookOwlOxfordOzark

What street names start with the letter n?

Street names that begin with the letter N:NassauNavahoNeptuneNevadaNewNewburyNewportNewtonNiagaraNobleNorfolkNormanNorthNorthamptonNorthbrookNorthfieldNorwayNorwood

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