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Q: What are the statistics on the popularity of soccer in the US?
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Soccer popularity in the US?

Sadly soccer in the United States isn't as popular as the big sports such as American Footbal, Basketball and Baseball it would rank behind golf and tennis in popularity.

What is basketball's popularity in the US?

I think the popularity of soccer is because of the LAKERS and COBY BRYAN i think !ok! ......8Y3

Has David Beckham popularized soccer in the US?

Yes actually David Beckham has popularized soccer in the US... or it is just a coincindince that he started playing soccer for MLS when people in the US started to get exposure to soccer because since the 1990's soccer in the US has been growing in popularity rapidly. But we still are no where match in popularity to most country's around the world since soccer is the most popular sport in the world. And most people think that we don't have the popularity in soccer from the lack of exposure we just started playing a little while ago while in other country's soccer has been going on for a while now. Back to David eckham though, some people think that the 28 year old midfield player has made US popularity in soccer more popular but most people think it's from his extrodinary appearance and by that people like him from his "hottness", but I just like him from his extrodinary skill and plays on the field.... Well Slayer726 signing out!

What does 'PTS' mean in soccer statistics?

past the soccer ball

What is the popularity of soccer worldwide?


What is the popularity of soccer today?


Where does lacrosse rank in popularity?

It is probably 25th or so in the US and around 30th in the world. Soccer is #1 in the world and football is #1 in the US

Where in the US is soccer played?

Soccer is played in all of the 50 United States and its territories. Although the popularity of the sport varies by region, it is played at some level everywhere.

How much has soccer's popularity declined?


What are the statistics of airsoft?

Airsoft just surpassed paintball in popularity.

On miss popularity how do you get into the soccer field the second time?

On the computer game Miss Popularity to get on to the soccer field for the second time first go to the mall and purchase all the gear needed to play soccer. Then go back to the soccer field and fill in for Sunnyboy.

Is soccer the most popular sport in the UK or the US?

Yes, it is the most popular sport in the US. But I would say that American Football, Baseball and Basketball are very close in popularity in the US. Football (soccer) is the most popular female sport in America, as well.

Percentage of soccer popularity in each state?


What are the statistics on the popularity of basketball?

i am from Lithuania. in my country basketball is the second religion.

What was soccer like in 1783?

Well soccer was'nt really played in 1783 in the US and didn't gain popularity in the rest of the world until the mid 19th Century before it was spread throughout the world by Britain.

What are the statistics of soccer?

The most common statistics kept in soccer are: Games Played, Goals, Assists, Points, Fouls, Cards, Ejections, Shots On Goal, Corner Kicks, Saves and Blocks.

What is the popularity of soccer?

soccer is much more popular than any sport. 60,000,000,000 people have been soccer fans over the last 30 years.

How statistics can help us in our daily life?

How do statistics help us

Where are the areas of popularity of soccer?

Soccer is popular enough in every single continent, though in some countries is not the number 1 sport.

Popularity of soccer in Italy?

Football is very popular in Italy, it is their natianol game.

Which sport is gaining in popularity in Chile?

Ok, everyone should know that soccer is!!

What is the popularity of soccer in Europe?

I am certain that soccer is the most popular sport in Europe but i am not sure about the exact figures. Soccer is also the most popular sport in Africa and South America.

How popular is football in the US?

Football, or soccer as it is referred to, has grown in popularity in recent times, but is still far behind football (American) (NFL), baseball (MLB), and basketball (NBA).

Which is the second best sport in the world?

It is American football even though it is number one in America, and growing in popularity outside the US, soccer is still the world's best sport.

How do you get on the soccer field in Miss Popularity?

wear Elegance items.Make Up,Shoes,and an accessories.