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Q: What are the sports the United Kingdom play?
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What do people do for fun in the United Kingdom?

play sports like footie

What do people do for fun in United Kingdom?

play sports like footie

What is united kingdoms sports?

In the united kingdom we play football, golf, rugby, car racing and Tennis and most of the sports you probably Know hope this helps

What sports is played in Europe?

Mostly its football hockey is also played and in United Kingdom they play both football and cricket

Does BBC Sports have a radio station?

BBC Sports does have a radio station, if one is located in the United Kingdom, one can listen to it on the radio if they have a radio. If not located in the United Kingdom it is more difficult to find it.

How many people play rugby in the UK?

Rugby is one of the most played sports in England. Over 170,000 people play rugby each week in the United Kingdom.

Will united kingdom PS3 games play on united stateds PS3?

No :(

What are the professional sports in the United Kingdom?

Football(soccer) cricket and maybe rugby

How many stores does sports direct have in UK?

As of 2008, Sports Direct have over 470 stores in the United Kingdom.

How many people play sports?

Many people play sports. But the United States has the most athletic people.

What sports do people play in Montana?

The same sports as anywhere else in the United States.

What sports teams play in United Center?

The sports teams that play at the United Center in Chicago are the Chicago Bulls basketball team and the Chicago Blackhawks hockey team.

Will a United Kingdom music CD play on a United States CD player?


What percent of people in the United States play sports?


What type of sports are shogun?

"There are no sports which are shoguns. There is, however, a vehicle called the Mitsubishi Shogun that is a sport vehicle. It is sold in the United Kingdom."

What channel will broadcast the 2011 Cricket World Cup in United Kingdom?

Sky Sports HD and Zee Cafe will broadcast the 2011 Cricket World Cup in United Kingdom.

Does every public school have to offer a sports program?

Every school in the United Kingdom has to offer a sports program, not so sure about the United States and any other country

Did the United Kingdom play a role in the formation of Israel?

Yes, in 1947

Where can one find Challenger Sports?

Challenger Sports is a British organization that sponsors soccer camps. The organization is based in the United Kingdom and has sports clubs all across the nation.

Is there a online site that can tell me more about sky sports?

The sports news channel, Sky Sports, is founded in the United Kingdom. It is the first all sports channel in the tiny island country. They show primarily extreme sports.

Why are UK sports weird?

Sports in the United Kingdom are not weird. Most of the sports are found in many other countries and are major world sports, such as soccer, rugby, golf, horse racing and many others.

What is national sport of the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom invented the majority of sports played round the world and therefore there is not a definitive answer. However, Association Football (Soccer), Rugby and Cricket have passionate followers in the country.

Which country does Manchester United play for?

North West England or England or Great Britain or United Kingdom or English

What type of sports do Europeans play?

They play a lot of things. A lot of the same sports the United States play. They especially like soccer. (football) A bunch of people in Brazil do too.

Why do have a England world cup anthem?

For some obscure reason, the United Kingdom doesn't have a united team when it comes to sports like football (soccer), rugby, cricket and some other sports. Because of their small populations, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland seldom qualify to compete at international level, leaving only England to play. When England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland play against each other or internationally, they have their own anthems to identify them as being from those countries as opposed to representing the United Kingdom as a whole.