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The professional sports teams are the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Blackhawks, Chicago Bulls and Chicago Bears.

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Q: What are the sport teams of Illinois?
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How many sport teams are in Illinois?


What is Illinois main sport?

Illinois has no main sport but if u had to choose then probably football, baseball and basketball due to their pro teams.

What sport has the most teams?

according to the national data base. the sport which consists of most teams is the sport of football. with a average of 50 teams in each cxountry, football has the most teams who are involved.

What are Michigan sport teams?

Sports teams from Michigan

Sports teams in Mississippi?

There are sport teams in mississippi There are in teams everywhere! You have to know!

How many Major League baseball teams are in Illinois?

Two. The Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox are Illinois' 2 teams.

Does Rhode Island have any sports teams?

There are sport teams

Are there any sporting teams in st.augustine?

no there are no sport teams in st.augustine

What is the role of the Illinois Fighting Illini association?

The Illinois Fighting Illini are the intercollegiate athletic teams of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Simply put, they are the basketball, football, etc teams.

What are the 4 most popular sport teams in the US?

It depends on what sport. NFL is the most popular sport and the three most popular teams are Packers, Patriots, and Falcons.

What are all the professional sport teams in Iowa?

Iowa has no pro teams

What are Alaska's sport teams?


What sport teams does Hanoi have?


What sport teams are in Alaska?


Are there two NFL teams in Illinois?

The only NFL team in Illinois is the Chicago Bears.

What is the winter sport of Illinois?

skiing and snowboarding

What sport does Illinois Matmen cover?


What is a popular sport played in Illinois?


Which city has the most sports teams?

North Carolinahas the most sport teams

What are Montanas major sport teams?

Montana does not have any professional sports teams

How many teams does the US soccer have for this sport?

There are currently 19 teams in MLS.

Which winter sport team has either two man or four man teams?

The winter sport of bobsled has two and four man teams.

Is hockey a sport?

Yes. Some countries have professional hockey teams. Well, Canadians consider it a sport, and there are a few American teams, but I still think it's nota real sport.

Name some all star cheer teams in Illinois?

Illinois cheer company is the best

Kansas sports teams?

If you are talking pro football no Kansas does not have any pro ball teams and the Kansas city chiefs are in missuri.