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Q: What are the special Olympics medals made of?
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How many spare medals are made for the Olympics?

three medals are made for Olympics

What are Olympics medals made from?

Olympics medals are made from Gold,Platinum and Bronzes

How many medals did Ireland win in the Special Olympics in 2011?

The country Ireland has won ten medals in 2012

Who was Kwai Yip?

If you mean Wai Yip - he has Special Olympics medals in aquatics.

Do you get metals in the Olympics?

If you win you get medals which are made from metal

How many medals have been made for 2012 Olympics?


What do you win in the Special Olympics?

The Special Olympics was started by Eunice Kennedy Shriver for athletes with disabilities to compete one with one another. As with the Olympics and the Paralympics, competitors win gold, silver, and bronze medals.

How many gold medals have been made for the 2012 olympics?


How many medals did Fiji win in the Olympics?

Number of medals won at the Beijing Olympics: 41 medals

How many medals did Ireland win in the Special Olympics in China in 2007?

Ireland won 187 medals: 61 gold, 51 silver, and 75 bronze.

How many medals are needed for the 2014 winter Olympics?

1300 medals were produced for the Olympics and the Paralympic games taking place inn Sochi. A number of extras have to be made to account for possible ties.

What is bronze Olympic metals made of?

The composition of olympic medals can change from one Olympics to another, such as gold medals that at some Olympics are solid gold but at others have been just gold plated. I would assume however that bronze medals are made of bronze which of course is an alloy of copper and tin.