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The social benefits are:


• if you put your hands physically on a player, you will be disqualified


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Q: What are the social benefits of playing basketball?
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What are some benefits from playing basketball?

Some benefits from playing basketball are better fitness, heart healthy,and muscles.

What benefits can you get in playing basketball?

There are so many benefits that you can get in playing basketball. This allows you to be physically fit, it provides a platform for a career in basketball and may also provide scholarships for students among others.

What are the mental benefits of playing basketball?

Playing basketball can be good for your physical and mental health. Sports like basketball can increase your concentration, focus, and mental strength.

What are the physical benefits of playing basketball?

You stay physically fit and it prevents obesity.

What benefits do you get from playing basketball?

you can stay active, not be fat and its a good teamwork activity

What are some of the physical benefits of playing basketball?

You do cardio workouts and you increase your speed and stamina

What are the benefits of playing tennis?

It Benefits you by getting fitter and it can be both competitive or social either way it works.

Benefits of Playing Soccer?

Some of the benefits of playing soccer are: physical activity, fitness, team work experience, social opportunities, competition, and fun.

What are Social and private benefits in economics?

social benefits are social and private benefits are private.

What are the benefits of a basketball court?

The benefits of a basketball court range from being able to play basketball to being able to have a nice place to exercise. If you love basketball, the benefits are endless. The main benefit is just so you can play the game of basketball.

What is the benefits of playing sport?

Fitness and weight loss. Social interaction. Improved mood and digestion.

What does social benefits mean?

social benefits is not good lol x

Benefits of being a basketball player?

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What is the benefits of playing arnis?

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How do Social Security benefits affect your unemployment benefits in California?

social security benefits have nothing to do with unemployment benefits in california and are not deductible from unemployment benefits

What were the effects on someone playing basketball?

playing basketball make you strong

What benefits does a basketball player get?

He gets to play basketball quite a lot.

Are unemployment benefits effected by Social Security benefits in Arkansas or Iowa?

No. Neither state offsets unemployment benefits by the Social Security benefits.

Benefits of having a social contract?

benefits of having a social contract ? and what are 5 reasons why the social contracts are good

What are the social benefits of playing netball?

You meet new people, make new friends and improve your teamwork/cooperation.

What is the playing area of basketball?

a basketball court

Best calculator for social security benefits?

Which is the best calculator for social security benefits? Will it provide with estimated amount of benefits?

Does Kobe like playing basketball?

I think he does like playing basketball, he liked soccer but now he likes basketball. If he didn't like basketball, why would he make all these buzzer-beaters. So, I think he does like playing basketball. He likes playing basketball because, he is a basketball player. I know that he likes basketball because my cousin is obsessed with him.

Working and drawing social security benefits?

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