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vault parallel bars rings pommel horse floor and high bar.

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Q: What are the six apparatuses for the mens gymnastics?
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What is the mens apparatuses?

The six mens apparatus in order are: Floor Exercise Pommel Horse Rings Vault Parallel Bars Horizontal Bar

Light apparatuses used in gymnastics?


Which different apparatuses are used in rhythmic gymnastics?

Rope, ball, ribbon, hoop and clubs are the apparatuses that are used in rhythmic gymnastics. In rhythmic gymnastics a person can only use one apparatus at a time.

What are the heavy apparatuses in gymnastics?

it is a sport that they help the immune system..............

What are all the apparatuses used in gymnastics?

for women, bars, beam, floor, and vault

Is gymnastics for guys or girls?

it is for both there is mens gymnstics and womens gymnastics

Light apparatus of gymnastics?

There are many apparatuses in gymnastics. Some of these include the balance beam, the uneven bars, the rings, as well as the vault.

Different apparatus used in gymnastics?

There are a variety of apparatuses used in gymnastics. Some of these include the rings, the trampoline, the horse, and the uneven bars.

What are the four main gymnastics?

Do you mean apparatuses like Vault, Bars, Beam and Floor.

What is the facility used in gymnastics?

An indoor gym, with all the necessary apparatuses and LOTS of mats.

Where can you find some heavy and light apparatus pictures in gymnastics?

You should be able to find pictures of heavy and light gymnastics apparatuses on a gymnastics website or on Google pictures.

Pictures of gymnastics apparatus?

There are many different types of gymnastics apparatuses. Some of these include the uneven bars, the balance beam, as well as the vault.

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