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Rollor skating is easier. You are on 4 wheels and on a floor. Ice skating you are on ice and you are on a thin blade. I went rollor skating and i was shocked on how much easier it was then ice skating.

dude seriously ice is easier man i mean i found roller skating real hard

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Q: What are the similarities between roller skating and ice skating?
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Was roller skating or ice skating first?

I think ice skating

Which is a better work-out- roller skating or ice skating?

in ice skating, you can burn more calories in the cold but in roller skating there's so many things you can do

Is ice skating like roller skating?

Very much so. When roller skating, you move almost exactly the same as you would on ice.

What are the similarities and differences between ice skates and roller skates?

They are both good for health and pretty easy after lots of practice. The only difference is that in ice-skating you can only skate in ice rinks, while roller-skates have specially designed indoor rinks and you can skate outdoors. But not on ice.

Are the conjuctions used correctly in the sentence Mary enjoyed neither roller skating or ice skating?

No. It should say, "Mary enjoyed neither roller skating nor ice skating."

What does ice-skating and roller-skating have in common?

both you have to wear skates

Which is more dangerous ice skating or roller skating?

Ice Skating is probably more dangerous than roller blading because the ice is hard and you really don't have as much balance as you do on wheels.

What is a skater?

someone who participates in any of: * Skateboarding * Ice skating * Ice hockey * Roller skating

Is roller skating the same as ice skating?

No. ice skating is simalar, skill wise but also slightly more difficult.

What are some similarities between japan and France?

They Both play ice skating and skiing

What is similar to figure skating?

ice hockey, in-line skating and roller blading

Which is better Ice or roller skating?

I've done both ice skating ad roller skating. I enjoyed ice skating but I wanted expand myself I bought a good fitting pair of roller skates! I found body position was every important. In my opinion the Biggest difference between ice and roller skating are "edges"! Ice skates have one blade on each boot--the ice blade is very narrow--but is still has an inside and a outside edge Roller skates have four wheels and each wheel has an inside and outside edge BUT the edges are 3/4" apart from each other!! When I was ice skating we didn't have inside ice rinks! I had a problem with edges in completion---but I finally found how to REALLY master theoss edges!!!

What is the similarity between speed skating and figure skating?

the similarities between speed skating and figure skating is that 1- they have to do forward crossovers when turning 2- they use ice skates 3- they have to know the basics of ice skating 4- they are capable of going to the olympics

Is there a patron saint of ice skaters?

The patron saint of skaters, skating, ice skating, roller skating is St. Lydwina of Schiedam.

Is ice skating similar to roller skating?

yes there are the same are involved to move the only difference is ice skating is the tiniest bit harder.

What to do for your party in December I'm turning ten?

-ice skating -roller skating -bowling -dance

Does r-way skate center have ice skating?

no its a roller rink

How much would it cost to build a ice skating rink and roller skating rink?

A lot of money

Can you do ice skating if you are wearing roller baldes?

most people ice skate with rollerblades. Just FYI

How can you get your ankles stronger on ice for hockey?

You can try working out at a gym or prepping yourself with roller skating. Personally roller skating is a more efficient way of strengthening your ankles.

If you are good at roller skating are you good at ice skating?

Not necessarily, though you may have a bit of an advantage in learning over someone who's never skated at all. One of the big issues is the same as that between roller skating and roller blading: skates automatically remain vertical; blades want to tip over to the side.

What is the proper definition of the word skating?

Though there are many different types of skating, such as ice skating and roller skating, the process consists of rolling or sliding on a hard surface or ice using wheeled or bladed shoes.

Are roller skating and ice skating the same?

No, they're not the same. If you're roller skating or roller blading, you have a boot with buckles on it, and you have wheels on the bottom of the boot. You use them on land. If you're ice skating, you have a half-shoe, half-boot that's either white or tan colored (for the girls) and usually black (for the boys). There aren't any buckles on ice skates, there are shoelaces. On the bottom, there are blades, not wheels. You use these kind of skates on ice, not on land.

You are hanging out with your girlfriend Saturday and need ideas on something fun and unique to do?

Do a picnic. roller skating. ice skating, golf.

What does it mean to go skating?

It means to go to a skating rink (either ice skating or roller skating), putting on skates, and then skating. The form of skates and the type of rink you need depends on what type of skating you wish to do.