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Except for method of downing a player, number of players, and duration tackle and flag football are the same.

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Q: What are the similarities between flag and tackle football?
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Can you tackle in flag football?

If you tackle in flag football it is a penalty.

What is the difference between tackle and flag football?

in tackle football you tackle the other team in flag football you have to pull the other team members flags off of there belt

Flag football rules vs tackle football rules?

In flag football their is a flag if you tackle.

What is the difference in flag football and tackle football?

In flag football one pulls off the player with the ball's flag to tackle them. In tackle one physically tackles them.

How is class flag football different from nfl?

There is no tackle in flag football

What are the similarities between flag football and tackle football?

Well, mostly all the rules are the same, the only difference in the rules are the ones that have to do with contact. Tha whole point is also the same

Who played Flag football first?

who invented flag football? where was it first played? Year it was invented? Changes and modifications over the years? what are the differences between flag football and regular (tackle) football?

What are three differences between flang football and tackle football?

1) In flag football, padding and helmets are not used. 2) In tackle football in order to bring down a ball carrier you have to tackle him and his knee has to touch the ground. Where as in flag football only the flag has to be pulled off in order to bring the ball carrier to a stop. 3) Offensive and Defensive lineman are not usually used in flag football.

What is the difference between tackle football and flag football?

In flag football, you don't bring the person with the ball to the ground, you just yank one of the flags on their belt off and that is a tackle. Also, you don't wear pads and you can't make contact.

What is the other type of football game besides flag and tackle?

Touch Football

Is a tackle eligible in youth football?

It depends on the league but usually sometimes they play flag football for a few years and then move up to tackle football

Whats flag football?

Flag football is very similar to regular football. It is played without pads and a "tackle" is accomplished by removing a flag from a ball carrier's belt.

When is a touchdown scored in flag football?

Same time as tackle football, when a player gets in the end zone with the football, but usually its not a rushing touchdown in flag football.

What is the difference between tackle football touch football and flag football?

Real Difference for example: In all United States High Schools; if football is played, tackle football is played by men, and flag football is played by girls or for fun. In tackle football, the ball carrier needs to be taken to the ground by a tackle. The knee needs to hit the ground, by getting hit to the ground. In touch football, or in the many variations such as one-touch and two-touch, you merely need to touch the ball carrier for him to be "down". In flag football, players wear flags, usually attached to the waist by Velcro. The tackler must pull off the ball carrier's flag thing for him to be "down."

When you are in flag football do you wear gear like tackle football?

No, all you need is the flag, some running shoes, your jersey, and shorts

What schools have tackle football as a elective?

none. It is a sport. Colleges might have a flag football elective.

What is offsides in flag football?

offsides in any football means that right before the ball is hiked, someone is over the ...In flag football one pulls off the player with the ball's flag to tackle them.

In flag football what's the difference between offense and defense?

The difference is that offense is when your team has the ball and defense is when you want to get the ball or tackle but in your case your going to rip the flag of the other person.

What are the rule differences between tackle football and flag football?

Well in tackle football you have to 4 downs to make it all the way to the endzone. In flag football if the flag on your belt is pulled you have a little more time to make a score. ----------------------------------------------------- 90% of rules in Flag versus Tackle are the same. In flag, you cannot make blows to other players including when you block. But the specifics vary from local league to local league. Players must all have two flags on a belt that can be pulled off. When pulled off the play is dead right there. That is the equivalent to a tackle. In flag there are no fumbles. If the ball is dropped it is blown dead because you don't want unprotected players diving on the ground for a loose football. In tackle, you have full gear, including a helmet, pants, and shoulder pads. There are subtle differences between Pee-wee, Jr Pee-Wee, and grasscutters in tackle. For instance, all kids of a certain weight must have a stripe on their helmet and line up between the offensive tackles. In Middle School, Freshman, JV and Varsity all the rules are typically same and governed by the NFHS. Your local flag football association has rule books you can get that show the rule exceptions to between their rules and those of the NHFS.

How do you tackle harder?

you can't.... the NFL has rules against it now. Pretty soon it will be flag football.

What it the difference between tackle football touch football and flag football?

the diffrance is that flag is for wimps and football is for men that dont mind to get hurt every now and then Haha,, flag foot-ball is for Strights,,, tackle foot-ball is just a bunch of guys running around in spandex and jumping on top of each other--- then saying there not gay,,, i got no prob;em with gay people,, just admit it!!!,, jksjks,, i jus see no point in football The real difference is that Touch football - is where the opposing team has to try and touch the players they are against with the ball (the team has five chances and once they have been touched 5 times they must give the ball to the other team) Flag football - is the same but instead of touching they have to grab the flag which is attached to the team with the ball they also have have 5 chances Tackle football - is the same but this time you must tackle the team with the ball to the ground (they also have 5 chances)

How was the game of flag football started?

Flag football was started as a way to practice tackle football without the tackling. It became popular during World War II as a way for military personnel to get exercise and have fun without the dangers of tackling. Click on the 'Flag Football' link on this page to go to the Flag Football website to learn more.

Do young kids play football?

Yes, some 3rd graders play tackle football. Many younger kids also play touch and flag football.

How old do you need to be to play football?

I played tackle football when I was about eight, and I know for a fact you can play flag football at younger ages. In New Jersey there are leagues called Pop Warner football.

What is an example of rules differences between flag football and NFL football?

No tackling in flag football, also no facemask because no one wears 'em

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